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Prisecco Parade

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Prisecco Rosenzauber

alcohol-free 0.75l - apple - rose - mint

Boskoop apple and the scent of roses as well as the chocolate mint with a high menthol content bring freshness and balance to the nose. The delicate berries bring the strong rosé. Farmer Jacobsen collects the rose petals along the North Sea coast, and organic rose water is also added to the vote.

SMELL: Fine rose scent, with raspberry, chocolate mint and spicy oriental notes. With every moment, more multifaceted scents unfold in the bouquet. TASTE Fine, sweet start of raspberries with the refreshing acidity of Boskoop apples.

DRINKING TEMPERATURE 8 to 10°C -DRINKING GLASS: Champagne glass INGREDIENTS: Apple juice (90%), raspberry juice, blackberry juice, rose water (0.2%) and blossoms, chocolate mint (0.1%), spices, carbonic acid . ​

PriSecco Cuvee No.23

alcohol-free 0.75l

The acidity of the rhubarb is enhanced by oxalis, the apple blossom refines the scent

SMELL:The dominant freshness of rhubarb with a light scent of apple and rose blossoms. TASTE: fresh apple, present and lasting acidity of sorrel and oxalis with a tart aftertaste. Playfully light on the tongue.

DRINKING GLASS: Champagne glass DRINKING TEMPERATURE: 8 to 10°C INGREDIENTS: *Rhubarb juice (54%), apple juice (46%), rose and apple blossoms, spices and added carbonic acid.

PriSecco Apple Symphony

alcohol-free 0.75l

Seedling apples form the basis for this acidic PriSecco. Made with the herbs and slightly bitter extracts of red mustard and watercress.

SMELL: Intense, spicy and fully ripe aroma of apples, supported by notes of barrique wood and the earthy nuances of mustard leaves.
Fully ripe, acidic apple with subtle notes of caramel. Spicy herbal aromas result in the long and subtle "spicy" aftertaste.

INGREDIENTS: Apple juice from Bittenfelder Seedling (93%), rhubarb juice (6%), herbs, red mustard (0.5%), spices and added carbonic acid.

PriSecco weiss-duftig

alcohol-free Piccolo 0.2l

Godfather was the "herb pope" Dieter Gaissmayer from Illertissen. Therefore made with fresh lemon verbena, southernwood, mountain savory, pineapple sage and rosemary.

SMELL: Intense nose of spicy herbs and elderflower. Ripe fruit notes of apple and pear with peppery spice. TASTE: Soft meadow fruit sweetness with grape and peach. Herbal middle piece and spicy aftertaste with notes of elderflower.

DRINKING TEMPERATURE: 8 to 10°C DRINKING GLASS: Champagne glass INGREDIENTS: Apple juice (50%), pear juice, grape juice concentrate, peach juice, lemon juice, herbs (0.2%), elderflower (0.2%), spices, Carbonic acid.


non-alcoholic 0.75 l
3 years matured on the yeast I dealcoholized I skilfully refined Elegant and exclusive - light, less sweet - and still alcohol-free
SMELL: Fine scent of champagne roasted pears, with subtle notes of dried pears. White flowers, notes of brioche shaped by the sparkling wine's several years of yeast storage on the champagne bottle. TASTE: Restrained sweetness and well-integrated acidity. Fine taste of the champagne roasted pear with subtle tannin notes in the fine aftertaste.

DRINKING TEMPERATURE: 8 to 10°C DRINKING GLASS: Champagne glass Ingredients:62% de-alcoholized pear wine, pear juice, carbonated. The fruit variety champagne roast pear has been considered a wine pear of the very first rank for over 200 years. It has borne its name since 1797, because an outstanding sparkling wine was made from this rarity before that.
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